7 reasons to know about the Geens Project and the ICO token sale

  1. Geens offers encrypted document storage as well as a timestamping service

2) Geens is a nonprofit organisation. It is governed by the ethical committee under the international law
3)Geens offers premium services for individuals, custom solution for
enterprises which generates revenue. It also gets commissions from the GEE economy.
4)The extra profits come back to the NPO members .The Geens users can opt in to become NPO members and get the benefits.
The geens project has the support of many world renowned figures.


5) The current ICO is going on and offers an opportunity to acquire the geens tokens at a discount. https://tokensale.geens.com/

token sale discount

6) Use the geens.com network to get one of many benefits based on user cases

geens timestamping use cases
7)  Join Geens.com for free and experience the power of blockchain backed encrypted  document storage as well as a timestamping service
which means that very little user information is stored and only the user can access the information as no passwords are stored by geens.com


Is SegWit2X Dead ?

Is Segwit2X dead? If One is to go by the stats then the support sure has dwindled.


More important is the question as to how the Bitcoin network would brace with the  increasing cost per transaction and the sluggishness in the speed of transactions.

Long gone are the days when the Bitcoin network could have been used to make peer to peer payments for small transactions.  As the Bitcoin prices have gone up so has the network fee to carry out every transaction. Thus making it quite unrealistic to transfer small amounts through the Bitcoin network.

For Bitcoin to remain as people network of choice it would have to take steps to reduce the cost of transaction otherwise it would become and remain only a tool for investment and defeat the purpose of its design.