Today I made some bread rolls

Today I decided to make some bread rolls and here is how I made them

Let me  name them: Hot & Yum Bread Roll
For this I took the following ingredients
Boil Potatoes
Peel them & mash them
Add salt & mix
In a pan add cooking oil & chopped onion and stir fry till golden brown
Add mashed potatoes mix well. Cook for a minute.
Remove from heat.
Soak a slice of bread in water squeeze it to drain the water
In the centre of the bread keep a portion of the potato mixture
Fold the bread & fry
Serve with sauce
Enjoy the yummy bread rolls.

Time to cook some Cottage Cheese Vegetable

Put cut 1 onion,2 tomatoes,salt and jeera (cumin) seeds,cloves in a grinder
add water and make a puree.
Cut 250gm cottage cheese into cubes
Put puree in the cooking pan and add some cooking oil and let it cook on full
heat.Add the cottage cheese cubes.
Let it further cook for 3-4 minutes on low heat.
The dish is ready to be served

Securing your Crypto currency digital wallet

In this post I would like to share some of the essential steps to make you prepared to protect your cryptocurrency digital money wallet in case your wallet was to crash or the android phone or device on which you have installed the wallet was to be bricked or stolen.

Make sure

Step 1. Make sure your Android phone/device is password protected. As far as possible always have a tracking app or option enabled to track down your device.

In case of such an unfortunate event even if the hacker/thief were to try to break into the phone or device could still give you few extra precious moments to back up your digital money wallet on another phone and send it to another wallet that you have access to.

Step 2. Make sure you are installing your wallet from a trusted source like the google play store using the direct link

This is to prevent your wallet from any backdoor Trojans or viruses.

Step 3. Make sure that you are using the most latest version of the wallet app. To do this you can ensure that you have turned on the “Receive Notification” option from the settings (This could be device specific)

Step 4.Always keep the wallet recovery information like secret key in a secure place as it is used to recover your wallet.

Do not share it with anyone.

In case you are recovering from a crash you can take all the time you need to recover your wallet. If you are transferring your wallet from one device to another make sure that you uninstall the wallet software from the phone and reset it to the factory default settings before giving it away to someone or for recycling.

This step would help in preventing your digital money wallet being misused by a third person.

In the event of your device being stolen then you need to act swiftly before the hacker or thief can break in or misuse your funds.

Missing the Postman

As part of our English school project we wrote a letter to ourselves on a post card and posted it.
The letter was written on a post card and in those days it used to cost us 15 paise.
In those days we use to get three postal deliveries.
One around noon, the second one around two P.M and the third between four to six P.M
We all used to eagerly await the coming of the postman and he used to be a very sought after person.
These were the pre-internet and mobile phone days .Postal service was the only way of communication for a vast majority of Indians. Apart from these three postal deliveries there use to be the telegram guy and the money order delivery post man.
Wearing their crisp khaki uniform , and loaded with a bagful of mails used to come our postman, riding his bicycle a princely possession in those days. He knew everyone and everyone knew him as he was the harbinger of news . He was the one who would read out letters and postcards to those who could not read.
The telegrams that he carried brought news or sorrows or joys. Many a times they came after the arrival of the person whose news of arrival they carried.
In today’s times ,the courier services are replacing the postmen. The telegram service has been discontinued.
I miss those times and the 15 paise postcard.