Rs 100 can make you feel like a king

Look what demonetisation has done
1000 and 500 notes are mere paper
They have no takers and people do no want to touch them or take them
Rs 100 notes is in high demand
if you have it then you are like a king



Missing the Postman

As part of our English school project we wrote a letter to ourselves on a post card and posted it.
The letter was written on a post card and in those days it used to cost us 15 paise.
In those days we use to get three postal deliveries.
One around noon, the second one around two P.M and the third between four to six P.M
We all used to eagerly await the coming of the postman and he used to be a very sought after person.
These were the pre-internet and mobile phone days .Postal service was the only way of communication for a vast majority of Indians. Apart from these three postal deliveries there use to be the telegram guy and the money order delivery post man.
Wearing their crisp khaki uniform , and loaded with a bagful of mails used to come our postman, riding his bicycle a princely possession in those days. He knew everyone and everyone knew him as he was the harbinger of news . He was the one who would read out letters and postcards to those who could not read.
The telegrams that he carried brought news or sorrows or joys. Many a times they came after the arrival of the person whose news of arrival they carried.
In today’s times ,the courier services are replacing the postmen. The telegram service has been discontinued.
I miss those times and the 15 paise postcard.

Optimize Your Internet connection

So you have a 4G connection congratulations! You are all set to browse the internet at breakneck speeds Great!
But wait before even you can realize your quota of data is dwindling fast and soon its time to get another recharge in case you are a prepaid user. In case you are a post paid subscriber you depending upon your plan you may be paying use as you go or may have opted for a unlimited plan which assigns you a set amounts of usage bandwidth in terms of gigabytes and once you have used it it would slow down your connection speed till your next billing cycle starts or till you have either upgraded or purchased an additional pack.
Well all this depends on your mobile connection and the type of plan you have subscribed to. However my point is irrespective of the type of connection, when you go on to the internet and are browsing content of your choice your device is downloading content that you had not even asked for.
Most people would agree that Navigation on the internet is filled with distractions, teasers of videos ,games images are all there to tempt you and entice you so that you may clink on a link and be taken to another piece of content. If that was not enough you find that even when you are trying to read and focus on a task at hand you might find a peppy piece of music playing in and embed video on the pages that begins to play in a form of a movie trailer or an advert. Video the moment you open a page.
Do not get me wrong I am not at all against peppy music but the only point I am trying to make is that irrelevant content or free advertising can eat into your bandwidth and make it swindle faster and also slow down your browsing experience.So what can one Do?
I did some research and broadly found two types of content that can be auto played in your browser one is the good old flash content and the other is the HTML5 based content. So in an attempt to maximize my bandwidth use and to keep my internet running fast I found a number of things that can prevent or in some cases reduce the multimedia content that gets downloaded in the background. These settings would work for you
If you are using the chrome browser then you can add this to your chrome browser from here
For firefox browser
 I).Type “about:config ” (without the quotes) in the address bar and hit enter & Pass through the warning
II) Search for “media.autoplay.embed” and double clicking it changes the value to false
For disabling flash content in firefox
I)Click on the menu by clicking on the horizontal lines on the right hand corner
II)Click on add-ons this would take you to the plugin section
III) Under the category plugins > Browse to the section which reads shock wave Flash and set it to “Ask to activate” if not already selected
This should do the job for you.
However there may be reasons for you not to disable the flash content entirely.
One can also use FlashStopper and Stop YouTube HTML5 which replaces flash and HTML5 playable content with thumbnails and clicking on them one can play the content linked to the thumbnail.
There is Adblock Plus from which can block adverts from appearing in your browser.

How to bypass “Device not compatible” error message in Google Play Store

Every time you buy a new smart phone it gives you a feel good factor.However even before the shine has gone off there are other models that come to the market and at times you just want to look away from that bigger screen model or the octacore model for you do not want to buy a new phone every few weeks.Then a day comes in the life of your smart phone when you want to install an app on the smart phone and when you press the install button on the play store and a message pops up that the app is not compatible with your phone. Then you realize that the android operating system which was the latest at the time you purchased your phone has become old so the newer apps cannot be installed on your android smart phone. You cannot just junk the phone because it would not let you download a game or install an app so what do you do?
I have an easy solution that works in most cases. This is a method that bypasses the warning that the app is not compatible with your phone. This is a method that I use for android apps

Step 1)
Visit on a desktop PC or laptop

Step 2) In another tab or window of browser open

Step 3)Go back to the tab/window in which you have opened
Search and identify the app you want to install .
Right click on the address bar and copy its address url

Step 4) Paste this field in the filed named package name or google play url
Click generate download link

Step 5) Click on download to save file to desktop or laptop
Step 6) Attach this file in email and send it to the gmail/email that you access on the mobile you want to install the app on
Step 7) Open the received mail on the mobile device and download the attachment.
After the download is completed the app will get installed on the mobile phone or device.

With this simple method one can install the app on the mobile even when the app is said to be incompatible.