What happens when you stumble on a Pile of BTC

Part I: Operation Scavenging

As an trainee I was assigned to the shop floor of the factory . The shop floor was noisy and there was no respite from the sound of metal hitting metal.

For the first week it seemed deafening but slowly I was getting used to the sounds. My ordeal got over when I was shifted to the warehouse.

It was a big warehouse and I was assigned to the scrap shed. The shed had all kind of parts from non working coffee machines to room heaters and old fluorescent tubes waiting to be sent for recycling.

My job was to make a final check. The only bonus was that if I fancied anything I could take it home after  informing my supervisor and paying a small token price.

The pile had a lot of things from the IT department, old printers and scanners and box filled with old cartridges.

Then I saw a box full of hard drives they were old and worn out as per company policy they had been wiped out before being scrapped.

I picked up one which I thought could replace  the old crashed drive of my PC .

Then I discovered a box of dead hard drives I picked up a few from that box too.

My supervisor approved my request and I paid the token amount for the hard drives. The dead ones were free as they were not of any use.

The reason I had picked them was that I wanted to open them and see if I could salvage some old parts from them.

The nanodyne magnets in them were of interest to me as I could use them in a project of mine.

After my shift I headed home with my prized possession a set of old hard drives one old one and a couple of dead ones.

to be continued…..


Are you on The BTC Richlist?

Every now and then we come across people who have become Bitcoin millionaires overnight or in a very short period of time.

Have you ever wondered who are the people who hold the maximum number of Bitcoins? Or what is the world Bitcoin distribution like?

Here is a list
There are 3 Bitcoin addresses holding a balance between 100,000 – 1,000,000 BTC
A balance between 10,000 – 100,000 BTC are held by 113 addresses

However we are not all that Bitcoin Rich
Most people that is 57% of the worlds Bitcoin addresses hold between 0 – 0.001 BTC
Check out these stats


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