Are you on The BTC Richlist?

Every now and then we come across people who have become Bitcoin millionaires overnight or in a very short period of time.

Have you ever wondered who are the people who hold the maximum number of Bitcoins? Or what is the world Bitcoin distribution like?

Here is a list
There are 3 Bitcoin addresses holding a balance between 100,000 – 1,000,000 BTC
A balance between 10,000 – 100,000 BTC are held by 113 addresses

However we are not all that Bitcoin Rich
Most people that is 57% of the worlds Bitcoin addresses hold between 0 – 0.001 BTC
Check out these stats


Claim your free CLAMS

In case you were in possession of BTC/DOGE/LITE coins that held coins (Non Dust) around 10- 15 May 2014 would get free CLAMS

Current CLAM price is
1CLAM = 0.00191000 BTC
So before you chaim your coins it is advisable to empty your wallet before claiming your CLAMS

However even without emptying your wallet you can still check the amount of CLAMS you hold by visiting

Enter your BIT/DOGE/LITE Coin address and check